Pipe and Drapes can be used for many different reasons.  Decoration, concealment, privacy, room division, backdrops, and displays are a few of its uses.  Pipe and drape is widely used in conferences, trade shows, theater, fundraisers, promotions, weddings, and any event that demands a clean professional look.  Take a look at a couple examples of what Pipe & Drape can do:



Pipe and drape helps your audience and guests to focus on your message.  Behind the stage it helps to highlight the presenter, brand, and presentation.  At the tradeshow it can help distinguish your company from others.  A company logo gobo against Black Drape can make a bold statement.   Pipe and drape can take an ordinary room and transform it into your vision.  Many times pipe and drape is used to conceal or accent an entryway.  It can also cover an unsightly wall or area.  Back drops are excellent tools for promoting your message.  Your brand and your image are exposed to everyone who attends the conference or fundraising event because your backdrop of Pipe & Drape constantly focuses them on the message not the venue.