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Kendal LucasEstablished in 1998 by Kendal Lucas, Lucas Productions was providing emcee, DJ, and entertainment services from Tampa Bay to Seattle.  By 2006 the business had evolved into an audio visual services company.  This development realigned our focus to include conferences, meetings, fundraisers, trade shows, seminars, and corporate events.

Our goal for every event is exceeding our clients’ expectations.  This drives us to find creative solutions and our clients tell us the results are dynamic.  Your focus should be your message.  Let us handle your audio visual needs.

I was inspired by my grandfather, an accomplished business owner, who always made people feel like they were the most important person in the world and always welcomed them with open arms. My grandfather believed, as I do, that treating individuals with respect and kindness was the best way to encourage them to reach their full potential. My grandfather was a hardworking entrepreneur with strong ethics and deep rooted morals. I believe that my work ethic and determination is due in part to my Grandfather’s influence.

From my earliest memories I recall being surrounded by music and the “stage”. As a first generation employee of Walt Disney World, my mother frequently took me “back stage” and I saw first-hand what presentation was all about. I grew up loving music and technology which encouraged me to develop my creative nature. I was always drawn to good music and amazed by the effect of pristine sound coupled with a great image. I was entering my teen years as surround sound entered the consumer market. That changed the way I viewed videos and instilled an expectation of “show” excellence. This expectation of perfection drove me to always demand the best technology available to achieve outstanding results.

I have always believed technology should “fit” in my life while adding value and convenience. This also holds true for another passion of mine, dogs. I train my dogs to make them practical and useful in order to mold them into my lifestyle. This makes them a part of my life not an addition. To me, training dogs and business philosophy are very similar in that a consistent confident application of rules and methods produces a well-run business with great results. This disciplined persistence in conjunction with an expectation of “show” excellence is the driving force behind every event I produce.

Our Experience

Between 1988 and 1994, I worked for Walt Disney World as Life Guard, pool Chemist and marina manager. Disney instilled in me an unparalleled sense of customer service and a sense of problem solving urgency. After receiving my AA Degree in 1994, I accepted a management position for Wal-Mart. My leadership skills were fine-tuned during my employment with Wal-Mart. In 1995, my love for music, creation, and drive led me to form Lucas Productions, A DJ/Entertainment Company. I performed in weddings and private events. What inspired me most was seeing the joy and exhilaration in my clients’ reaction as a result of my hard work. I loved what I was doing. I managed to create a symbiotic relationship between Wal-Mart and Lucas Productions that proved to be a tremendous value to both companies.

In 2010, Lucas Productions transitioned from a DJ Company to an Audio Visual Company with a focus on helping corporations and non-profits achieve their conference and meeting goals. We accomplish this by providing creative solutions and exceptional service while keeping within our clients’ budgets. We provide services for conferences, meetings, presentations, symposiums, galas, continuing education, fundraisers, weddings, parties, and any event that demands excellence. Lucas Productions, based in The Tampa Bay Area, services the entire US with a focus on Florida, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Seattle, and Houston. Our clients say that we are attentive, proactive, hardworking and very professional which makes us a pleasure to work with. We always consider our clients’ needs first and go the extra mile to get the event done right.

Kendal Lucas

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