Renting a Projector Screen: Front or Rear

Determine the type and size of the projector screen needed. Choose your screen based upon the size of your audience, your venue, and your lighting control. Large screen rentals such as 6X8 or 7.5X10 are suited for larger crowds of at least 200 people or more. For those events with more than 400 people multiple [...]

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Pipe & Drape: The Basics

Pipe & Drape Pipe & Drape is commonly used for creating partitions, dividers, and decorative backdrops. Most commonly pipe and drape is seen at trade shows or weddings. It is cost-effective, versatile and easy to install or relocate. Pipe & Drape consist of three major hardware parts, Uprights, Bases and Drape Supports. In addition to [...]

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Choosing Your Conference Audio Visual Partner: Trust

Many companies feel a conference is the perfect way to communicate their message.  The advantages are one location, one message, and team inspiration.  The challenge for having conferences is locating all the necessary resources.  After considering rooms, meals, and logistics the last thing organizations want to be strapped with are the technical details.  This is [...]

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Tips for Planning Corporate Events

This entry was posted in Corporate Entertainment Resources. Step One – Plan your Objective Getting together a large group of people has to have a purpose. Companies can hold events to motivate, celebrate and rally employees, to court new business, to make an impression in their industry or a whole host of other reasons. Picking [...]

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