Lucas Productions has spent many years traveling the country supporting meetings and events for the corporate, travel, and trade industries. We will work with you in any hotel, convention center, or venue from Pinellas County, Florida to Seattle, Washington.  Getting there, however, is just the beginning.

Our clients have chosen to use Lucas Productions because we represent their needs every step of the way:

  • First, we excel in the handling of sensitive and important corporate meetings.
  • Second, through collaborative efforts, we develop an effective course of action while considering possible contingencies.
  • Next, we respond quickly in communication, pay attention to the details of each presentation, and anticipate the needs of each presenter.
  • Finally, we follow the agenda to produce our clients’ vision.  Lucas Productions acts as an extension of your team to maximize the results.

Services for Corporate Meetings and Conferences:

  • Audiovisual Production for Board Meetings, Stockholder Conferences, Presentations, Sales Meetings, Training Sessions, annual conferences, quarterly meetings, retreats, and Product Launches. Our team will provide all of the sound, video, lighting, and staging equipment required for your event.
  • Video Production to create a digital story for Education, Training, Internal Communication, New Product Releases, and External Communication. These can be shown at events, distributed via mail, or hosted on your website.
  • Technical Support for your live events team. We work on floor plans, logistics, union coordination, and provide all of the technical staffing for your events and installations. We will work with all departments and personnel that have a vested interest in the success of the meeting.
  • Preventive Maintenance for your internal equipment. Our team will develop a scheduled maintenance program to reduce down time and ensure your internal communication equipment is always functioning properly.

We understand the high pressure environment of the corporate world, and we know how critical a role communication plays.

Our heightened sense of urgency is your peace of mind.

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