Lucas Productions has long recognized the importance of the tradeshow industry as your means for conducting and building long lasting business relationships.  We can help you plan your expo or exhibitor’s needs, on time and on budget.

Lucas Productions can help you create the best environment for your audience to see, hear and interact with your exhibit.  We provide complete audiovisual production for our clients.  From simple rentals to full technical support we got you covered!

  • Pre-show Meetings
  • Expo Floor Plan Design
  • Lighting Plots
  • Technical Coordination
  • Audio Equipment
  • Video Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Staging Equipment Rentals

Services for Trade shows

  • Our specialized tradeshow services department quality checks each order as it is received to ensure the right components are being ordered prior to show site.
  • We contact each exhibitor to verify each order and discuss any possible changes. 
  • A confirmation to your exhibitor’s tradeshow booth, their equipment, delivery, date and time will also be confirmed.
  • On-site, all exhibitors can expect a customer service representative from Lucas Productions to respond to any last minute needs.
  • Order forms for audiovisual and computer rentals can be customized with the understanding that no two tradeshows are alike.
  • From a single LCD TV rental to the pipe and drape or the entire booth, Lucas Productions can help you achieve the desired impact!
  • Lucas Productions recognizes the importance your exhibit represent to your industry! Our extensive experience in video, sound, stage and lighting can enhance your exhibitor tradeshow booth and help you stand out from the competition!