Lucas Productions excels in providing outstanding event services for conferences, meetings, fundraisers, and kickoffs.  Projectors, screens, microphones, and computers are the tools necessary to present at a conference.  You can have all the tech tools you need but delivery is the key to ensuring the success of your presentation.  We at Lucas Productions recognize this and hope the following series of techniques will aid in developing your next presentation.  Let’s continue on slide show preparation focusing on text.

Visual elements

  • A font size of 28 to 34 with a bold font is recommended for subtitles. The title default size is 44. Use a san serif font for titles.
  • Use clear, simple visuals. Don’t confuse the audience.
  • Use contrast: light on dark or dark on light.
  • Graphics should make a key concept clearer.
  • Place your graphics in a similar location within each screen.
  • To temporarily clear the screen press W or B during the presentation. Press any key to resume the presentation.


  • Font size must be large enough to be easily read. Size 28 to 34 with a bold font is recommended.
  • It is distracting if you use too wide a variety of fonts.
  • Overuse of text is a common mistake.
    • Too much text makes the slide unreadable. You may just as well show a blank slide. Stick to a few key words.
    • If your audience is reading the slides they are not paying attention to you. If possible, make your point with graphics instead of text.
    • You can use Word Art, or a clip art image of a sign, to convey text in a more interesting way.Text is a really powerful tool if used correctly.  In the future we will discuss the next preparation step:  Using Numbers and Charts

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