Lucas Productions excels in providing outstanding event services for conferences, meetings, fundraisers, and kickoffs.  Projectors, screens, microphones, and computers are the tools necessary to present at a conference.  You can have all the tech tools you need but delivery is the key to ensuring the success of your presentation.  We at Lucas Productions recognize this and hope the following series of techniques will aid in developing your next presentation.  Let’s continue on slide show preparation focusing on numbers and charts.


  • Numbers are usually confusing to the audience. Use as few as possible and allow extra time for the audience to do the math.
  • Numbers should never be exact:
    • “Anticipated Revenues of $660,101.83” looks silly. Are your numbers that accurate? Just say $660 thousand.
    • “The Break Even Point is 1048.17 units. Are you selling fractions of a unit?
    • Don’t show pennies. Cost per unit is about the only time you would need to show pennies.
  • If you have more than 12-15 numbers on a slide, that’s probably too many.
  • Using only one number per sentence helps the audience absorb the data.


  • Use the same scale for numbers on a slide. Don’t compare thousands to millions.
  • When using sales data, stick to a single market in the presentation. Worldwide sales, domestic sales, industry sales, company sales, divisional sales, or sales to a specific market segment are all different scales. They should not be mixed.
  • Cite your source on the same slide as the statistic, using a smaller size font.


  • Charts need to be clearly labeled. You can make more interesting charts by adding elements from the drawing toolbar.
  • Numbers in tables are both hard to see and to understand. There is usually a better way to present your numerical data than with columns and rows of numbers. Get creative!
  • PowerPoint deletes portions of charts and worksheets that are imported from Excel, keeping only the leftmost 5.5 inches. Plan ahead. 

Next time we will talk about the next preparation step:  Timing and content.  Lucas Productions provides total audio visual solutions for meetings and conferences in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the entire Tampa Bay area. For more information, go to our website or call (727) 532-2122.