Lucas Productions excels in providing outstanding event services for conferences, meetings, fundraisers, and kickoffs.  Projectors, screens, microphones, and computers are the tools necessary to present at a conference.  You can have all the tech tools you need but delivery is the key to ensuring the success of your presentation.  We at Lucas Productions recognize this and hope the following series of techniques will aid in developing your next presentation.  Our final topic on preparation considers some tips on timing and content.

Tips on Timing and Content 

Timing – Practicing Your Presentation,

  • Talk through your presentation to see how much time you use for each slide.
  • Set the automatic slide transition to the amount of time you want to spend discussing each slide.
  • Are you using the right amount of time per slide? Decide which slides or comments need alteration to make your presentation smoother.
  • Change the automatic slide transition settings for individual slides to fit the amount of time needed for that slide and practice again. Are you still within the time limit?
  • Decide if you want to remove the automatic slide transition feature before giving the presentation.


  • Make a list of key words/concepts for each slide
  • Read through the list before you begin.
  • Don’t attempt to memorize your text;
  • Your words will probably be different each time you practice.
  • Think about the ideas, and your words will follow naturally.

Next time we will talk about the next preparation step:  Powerful Delivery.  Lucas Productions provides total audio visual solutions for meetings and conferences in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the entire Tampa Bay area. For more information, go to our website or call (727) 532-2122.