Lucas Productions excels in providing outstanding event services for conferences, meetings, fundraisers, and kickoffs.  Projectors, screens, microphones, and computers are the tools necessary to present at a conference.  You can have all the tech tools you need but delivery is the key to ensuring the success of your presentation.  We at Lucas Productions recognize this and hope the following series of techniques will aid in developing your next presentation.  Let’s continue on slide show preparation focusing on backgrounds and visuals.



  • Backgrounds should never distract from the presentation.
  • Using the default white background is hard on the viewer’s eyes. You can easily add a design style or a color to the background.
  • Backgrounds that are light colored with dark text, or vice versa, look good. A dark background with white font reduces glare.
  • Colors appear lighter when projected. Pale colors often appear as white.
  • Consistent backgrounds add to a professional appearance.
  • For a long presentation, you may want to change background designs when shifting to a new topic.


  • Slides for business presentations should be dull! You don’t want to distract the audience.
  • Sounds and transition effects can be annoying. Use sparingly.
  • Animation effects can be interesting when used in moderation.
    • Too much animation is distracting.
    • Consider using animated clip art
    • Consider using custom animation
  • You can insert video and audio clips into PowerPoint.
  • You can also insert hyperlinks.

In the future we will discuss the next preparation step:  Using Numbers and Charts

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