Pipe & Drape

Pipe & Drape is commonly used for creating partitions, dividers, and decorative backdrops. Most commonly pipe and drape is seen at trade shows or weddings. It is cost-effective, versatile and easy to install or relocate. Pipe & Drape consist of three major hardware parts, Uprights, Bases and Drape Supports. In addition to the pipe and drape hardware you also have your choice of several different fabric choices for your pipe and drape system. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics for example Banjo fabric is the lightest weight and most economical drape that we carry and it is fire-retardant, 25oz cotton velour is the heaviest and most sound absorbing material that Lucas Productions carries. Pipe & Drape can be used to create Photo Rooms where guests can get professional shots as mementos of the event. The uses of pipe & drape are limited only by your imagination.   When planning out your system we recommend drawing the layout first, this will help you to overcome some potential headaches along the way. Lucas Productions can assist in the planning to ensure the results you desire.  The last thing you want to do is end up with too little or too many uprights bases or drape supports. A common question we get here is “how do I know how many drapes I need”. There is a simple and a more in-depth answer. Simple answer is 3-4 panels per 10′ section. There are a few factors that come into play when deciding how many panels to order, first would be the type of material you need. Banjo comes in 48″ width while Poly Premier and most other Pipe and Drape Panels come in 60″ width. The second thing to consider is the effect you are going for. If you are going for a “gathered” effect then you would go with four panels per 10′ section, if not, you would be fine with 3.  If you are creating the scene yourself or need delivery, set up, and strike Lucas Productions is your Pipe & Drape solution.

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