Lucas Productions recently provided AV support for a company conference intended to promote growth and increase their revenue streams.  The atmosphere was positive and forward thinking… So much so that the presenters and organizers were not concentrating on some of the small details.  That’s where Lucas Productions comes in. 

Event planners usually order lavaliere microphones.  The thought is that the Lavalieres allow presenter’s greater freedom to advance slides and use their hands more during the talk.  While these microphones do the trick there is a much better alternative.  The wire thin earpiece microphones not only sound better but they also remain the same distance from the speaker’s mouth 100% of the time.  This gives the attendees consistent volume and clarity so the presenter’s message is received without audible impedance.  With lavaliere microphones when the speaker turns their head or looks up or down the volume and clarity fluctuate.  This creates an annoying issue for attendees to deal with thus detracting from the speaker’s message.  The best part is the lavalieres and the earpiece microphones are identical in rental costs.  The presenters are pleasantly surprised with the convenience and they say they feel like a Steve Jobs or Justin Timberlake!  Image feeling like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or Justin Timberlake just before you take the stage for a presentation.  Do you think you’ll perform better?  Would your message be more powerful?  You would definitely have a more commanding stage presence!  The upgrade really gives them an added boost of confidence which is golden for anyone speaking in public.  So the next time you have a presentation ask for the Ear microphones… and if they can’t provide that call Lucas Productions!

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