Your Message with Full Impact:

Whether your presentation, seminar, or event is a simple projector & screen setup or a more complex combination of audiovisual equipment and services, we are committed to assuring your event will be presented with the highest quality and professionalism.

Creative Solutions:

We help clients maximize event impact by following your vision and our expertise. We can work with you in any venue.  Projectors, Screens, Laptops, LCD Displays, Sound Systems, Strategic Lighting, PowerPoint Remotes, and Pipe/Drape are some of the most commonly requested AV tools we use to create the desired atmosphere.

Exceptional Service:

We assist in the developing and planning for your event. We communicate with our clients thoroughly to ensure we understand your needs during all phases. Lucas Productions takes pride in exceeding your expectations as we plan and execute all the “behind the scenes” complexities involved in a successful presentation, seminar, or event.

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“If Kendal was a baseball player he would have a 1000% batting average. He has handled presentations for me and 70 plus of my network partners and he never fails to make it easy and smooth for us. It is a great feeling knowing that when you are about to give a presentation that all the behind the scenes stuff is being handled by a true professional.”
Scott Manning