Lucas Productions provides pipe & drape combined with creative solutions to accurately reflect your message and vision. Pipe and Drape is used in conferences, Fundraisers, Meetings, press conferences, theatrical productions, Weddings, and any occasion that calls for event drape.  It’s our expertise and your imagination that determines the colors, textures, and uses for the pipe and drape.

From small sections to entire rooms pipe and drape can be a very budget friendly way to get the atmosphere you want in any venue.  We can facilitate that finishing touch with your logo or monogram in lights coupled with up lighting, mood lighting, and a variety of lighting techniques.

Call us today to learn how pipe and drape can help you complete the look at your event!

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Why Choose Our Pipe & Drape

  • Beautiful Clean Drapes
  • All Drapes are Flame Retardant
  • Black, White, and Other Colors Available
  • Strong Industry Approved Drape Supports
  • We Get the Job Done Right!